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Is GFW taking a risk by having Alberto as their Global Champion?



The recent Alberto/Paige drama has become even more troublesome as allegations have risen regarding the alleged domestic abuse situation at an airport. The audio from the encounter was chilling and many are wondering what will be in the future for Alberto and Paige.

Bryan Alvarez and Mike Sempervive of Wrestling Observer Live recently discussed this whole ordeal and Sempervive commented on how GFW needs to be handling this situation if they want to play it safe here.

"They say GFW can't catch a break," Mike Sempervive said. "Well, you do make your own breaks and let's be honest here without having to get into it much of what happened between Alberto Del Rio and Paige is frankly none of my business and is not important when it comes to wrestling. Their personal life is their personal life. You know, until it bleeds over. When it comes to the wrestling aspect though with all the issues that he's had with all of the -- I mean, brawls with his brother in Europe, whether it be the possibility of being jumped and stabbed out in the street -- all of these wacky things that has happened with him. If you put him in a position where he's going to be the face of the company because you are placing his image and his talent level and his name in WWE above all else. Well, then it's your fault."

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"I'm sorry. You play a role in your own demise that way and they need to act swiftly, very swiftly and make a decision here oh, I don't know probably a couple hours ago or certainly by the end of tonight and try to figure out some kind of statement and issues about what they're going to do about this."

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