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Is Shinsuke Nakamura already planning for return to New Japan?



When Shinsuke Nakamura debuted on the WWE main roster a lot of people were very excited to see what he could do. There were a whole slew of dream matches to be had and fans couldn't wait to see WWE set up one dream match after another.

While there seems to be a dream match on the way in the form of John Cena vs Nakamura, WWE hasn't seemed to offer the kind of competition fans would have preferred for The King Of Strong Style.

On a recent episode of Killing The Town with Storm and Cyrus, Lance Storm and Paul Lazenby reviewed Battleground and Shinsuke's lackluster match against Baron Corbin. While giving his own analysis of what happened, Lazenby made a very startling observation about Shinsuke Nakamura's overall demeanor in WWE and Storm seemed to agree with his sentiment.

"As for Nakamura, I'm starting to think that perhaps he has already scratched 'wrestle for WWE' off his bucket list and now he's putting in time, cashing checks, and already planning his return to New Japan" Lazenby said.

"Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if his stay in NXT developed him a really strong cruise control tendency" Lance Storm replied. "He's been biding his time in NXT and he's been working at that speed now for a while that I'm curious if he's ever gonna come out of it barring perhaps a match with AJ."

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The overall opinion was there is really no incentive for Nakamura to kick it up a notch at this point. He's a very smart guy and knows what it takes to get by. If you add in the fact he's no young man anymore, Shinsuke realizes what he can do and not overexert himself.

It was said North American companies and fans aren't as demanding to wrestlers about how much they need to produce compared to New Japan. It was speculated Nakamura might be thinking, "why should I beat myself up when I can be just as over and make just as much money by doing less?"

Of course Nakamura's match against John Cena might see him turn it up another level, but we'll have to wait and see on that one.

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