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Is WWE planning on making some releases soon?



Pro wrestling is a business that comes in waves at times. There can be stretches of great profit followed by a lull. WWE didn't make a massive roster cut in April like they had in previous years after WrestleMania. The only main roster guy to really get axed was Simon Gotch during the post-WrestleMania season. But that doesn't mean WWE isn't considering making some more cuts down the line.

On a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez was asked if more WWE releases might be on the horizon and his response wasn't too encouraging.

"I don't wanna scare anybody. I don't have any inside information I expect there will be some based on the earnings report that just came out. I mean, things were good but here's what people have to realize about the earnings report: the numbers were better because of a bunch of cuts [WWE has] been doing. So I don't expect cuts to slow down I mean especially since some of their projections for the upcoming quarter are lower than their projections for this quarter."

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"So I think there are going to be some cuts but I don't know for sure" Alvarez concluded.

So don't be too surprised if WWE decides to wish a few more people best of luck in their future endeavors in the upcoming months. With another WWE Superstar Shake-up possibly on the way in the fall with some Superstars rumored to be making their way down to NXT, who knows what WWE has planned. Yet again, it's another stay tuned kind of situation but keep checking back to for the latest on any developing stories.

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