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It's time for WWE to put the Universal Championship on Samoa Joe



This Sunday night at SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar will defend the WWE Universal Title against Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, and Samoa Joe. It certainly appears like Lesnar will retain the title on Sunday. However, there has been a groundswell of support behind Samoa Joe from fans and from people in WWE. Joe has exceeded expectations since he was slotted as a main event heel last month during his feud with Brock Lesnar and now we are hearing from more fans and experts saying sharing the same sentiment and saying that Samoa Joe deserves the Universal Title.

The funny thing is that there are people in WWE that have been pleasantly surprised with Joe because his Monday Night Raw quarter hour segments have been solid during the past couple of months and if the plan is for Lesnar to take time away from WWE, then they have a ready-made feud for him when he returns. Perhaps Lesnar can drop the title at SummerSlam to Joe and then "quit" WWE and then return for and recapture the title from Joe at the Royal Rumble before moving on to his WrestleMania storyline.

Several weeks ago, the word got out that Paul Heyman has been lobbying for Vince McMahon to put the title on Joe. I think now is the time to give him the opportunity to run with the ball as the top heel in the company. He's been doing an excellent job during the last couple of months so I don't see anything that would make me think that he would flop as champion.

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