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It turns out Jason Jordan didn't even know he was Kurt Angle's son



It's getting tiresome to keep writing "you never know what can happen in WWE" and we're willing to bet you're tired of reading it too. But the fact is it's a very true statement. When Kurt Angle and Corey Graves started receiving strange texts awhile ago nobody had any idea what the end result could be. You can really tell this by the ominous wording Kurt Angle used concerning the secret saying it could destroy his family or career. In the end it just turned out to be Jason Jordan, and what's the big deal about that?

Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that making Kurt Angle's son Jason Jordan might have been a light rib about Angle's reputation for dating African American women just like the story a decade ago when Angle tried to swoon Sharmell in his feud with Booker T. He also noted something very interesting about the big picture of the story line.

Jason Jordan didn't even know he was going to be cast as Kurt Angle's illegitimate son until last week. In fact, it is also noted many including American Alpha were under the impression they were in line for a push as a team. This might explain why Jason Jordan wasn't really featured on SmackDown Live as of late, but it also might reveal a last minute change of plans in the story.

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Of course WWE might always be sending red herrings to throw us off the trail of what they're going to do. But what if Kurt Angle's reveal was in fact a diversion in and of itself? Kurt seemed pretty eager to jump in front of the news breaking to tell people himself, so it might be possible this story could always end up being written off as false to keep people from finding out a real secret that could actually destroy Angle's reputation. But that's just a theory.

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