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Jaxson Ryker explains "Soul Man" post from 2017, having his career canceled because of past tweets



Former WWE star Chad Lail (Jaxson Ryker) spoke out for the first time on the "Wrestling For The Faith" podcast to talk about the statements he made that got him in hot water with co-workers and fans. Lail also talked about the "Soul Man" Facebook post from 2017 that was dug up and ended up going viral in 2020.

"So, that's it. 2016 I did a bodybuilding show," Laid said, "Anybody who does bodybuilding, you get spray tanned like five different coats. You literally look a different color. So, Soul Man, I got it right here for me, IMDB 1986. It was a movie with C. Thomas Howell. And it says 'to achieve his dream of attending Harvard, a pampered teen poses as a young black man to receive a full scholarship.'"

"So if you go back and watch his movie [from] 1986 that is what I'm talking about. Right? It had nothing to do with me. Oh my gosh, pulling a race card, saying anything stupid. I literally was making a gesture towards this movie that I watched as a young boy. So the thing about this cancel culture, if you look, they will take one little thing you say and they will go back one year, they'll go back 10 years to find something that they can splice together to make it look like you put all this out together to make you look like you're racist to destroy your career to destroy your family. And that's the thing I've never understood over one tweet, man. I had more people try to literally destroy my career that I've worked for since I was 19 years old to achieve this dream as a pro wrestler, and it put a halt. I mean, from the time that tweet went out in June, we were on fire, the Forgotten Sons. I didn't go back to TV till the end of December of that year. So for 6, 7, 8 months, I'm sitting at home thinking, 'am I gonna lose my job, dude.' So that's the thing, we're bringing up all these tweets, that one's from five years prior, six years prior over a movie. The other one was over, basically another movie. I mean, so it's crazy to think that they can do that."

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