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Jim Cornette on being Tombstoned and stuffed in The Undertaker's body bag



Jim Cornette has been through a lot of stories in his career but in 1997 it was decided to take his character off of television for a while. The means Vince McMahon and Company decided to get this done involved taking a Tombstone from The Undertaker.

"He was [very careful], he didn't want to hurt me," Cornette said as he explained that this took place during a time when he was working both in front of and behind the scenes for WWE.

Cornette explained that due to his busy schedule, he couldn't make a lot of the towns to manage like he used to so in order to write him off of television, they had The Undertaker take care of Corney.

"It was cool first off, [Undertaker] walked me through how he was gonna f-ckin' do it, I said 'alright'" Jim said as he explained that he was heavier at the time due to his eating habits. Cornette said the worst part of taking a Tombstone from The Dead Man was that Taker's knees were clasped so tightly against Jim's head to protect him that he thought he would have cauliflower ears.

"But the rib was right afterward -- so 'boom' and I'm done and that's why you don't see Cornette again on camera for a while" Cornette explained, "but they were putting guys in body bags at that point. So they put me in a f-ckin' body bag and zip it up. And imagine being in a giant garment bag with no f-ckin' air holes, it's like that plastic sh-t and you're already blown up and have been Tombstoned by The Undertaker. I'm breathing heavy anyway and now I'm zipped to the f-ckin' gills."

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Cornette said they dragged his body bag back to the Gorilla Position after the segment was over with him still in the bag. Then Jim explained he could hear Bruce Prichard, Pat Patterson, and a few other people messing with the zipper to the body bag while acting like they couldn't get it open. "Bruce said, 'the zipper's stuck, the zipper's stuck' and you can't get out of one of those things. Wherever they got those body bags from it's not like it's flimsy."

Finally, after putting up with them taking their time for far too long, Jim Cornette said he exploded in a profanity-filled barrage of aggression and threatened to hunt people down if they didn't release him from the confines of his temporary residence inside the body bag "and suddenly the zipper started working."

But all in all, Cornette still considers it an honor to be written off of television thanks to The Undertaker's Tombstone and ride out of the arena via a body bag.

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