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Jim Ross on how WWE could get CM Punk to return



When CM Punk walked out of WWE it was a decision that not a lot of fans saw coming. But apparently, the way he was treated on the roster caused him to take a walk due to his frustration and that he was allegedly working through injuries. The WWE lifestyle can be a tough one and it seemed like Punk had enough.

After plenty of speculation regarding his return, CM Punk has still yet to make a comeback to WWE. He remains under contract with UFC and is currently waiting for his second fight to become a reality.

Jim Ross recently spoke to Sam Roberts' Wrestling Podcast about the CM Punk situation and explained what WWE needs to do in order to get Punk to return.

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"I would try to figure out a way if there's one more run in CM Punk. And 'one more run' to me means this: a WrestleMania, not 10, not two, not three, a WrestleMania. Start with let's build to the right build and the crescendo is WrestleMania. And the only other way I'd do him is have him return at WrestleMania and not be on television. Sign, train, vignettes, vignettes, little angle, boom. His first match is WrestleMania. Yeah, that way there's no pressure on anybody."

CM Punk's return to WWE could bring a lot of business and it might be welcomed at this point. After all, more eyes on the product is never a bad thing. But only time will tell if a bridge between the two sides will ever be truly mended.

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Thanks to Sam Roberts' Wrestling Podcast for the quotes in this article