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Jim Ross on when he thinks Braun Strowman should cash in his MITB briefcase, The Rock in WWE HOF, more

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently took to his podcast, The Ross Report, to offer his thoughts on several professional wrestling topics. Ross talked about Raw General Manager Kurt Angle possibly getting another WWE World Title run, The Rock’s eventual induction into the Hall Of Fame and when he thinks Braun Strowman should cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase. Below are the highlights:

Kurt Angle getting another WWE World Title run:

“Kurt’s going to soon be 50 [years old] and he’s talking about wrestling again. ‘One more run,’ the repulsive trait that many people have, ‘I need one more run. I’ve got one more in me.’ I’ve had those same pangs. I still don’t know why I’m not the lead broadcaster at WrestleMania. Because my time has come! That’s not the decision that management wants to make. I have no problem with that.

“I get it. It’s a young man’s business, but Kurt Angle doesn’t need to have another run in my opinion. I think he’s a great GM, a great character, personality, coach.” Ross asked, “how much better could it be in the [WWE] Performance Center to have an Olympic gold medalist and one of the most honored pro wrestlers of all time as your coach? Exactly.”

The Rock eventually being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame:

“One thing we can all agree on, [The Rock’s WWE HOF induction] will happen. No brainer! Why not 2019 in New York City [New York]? What about that? That’s an idea, right? Or maybe there’s a WrestleMania coming up in the next two or three years in Miami, more Rock territory. I don’t know.” Ross added, “he’s a global star, so I would think anytime, but I do agree he will be there.”

When Braun Strowman should cash-in his MITB briefcase:

“Ain’t going to happen. They’ve got the guy primed to be the man. And, quite frankly, what title in any company is hot right now? There’s about a million of them. Pick you out one. Good luck on it.” Ross continued, “I think in time, and I do say this, now he [has] got the Money In The Bank briefcase, now he does, speaking of Strowman, throwing around that pronoun ‘he’. I still think he should be anointed at WrestleMania. If you want a guy to be eternally over, in the sense of given the chance to be eternally over, you make the transition at WrestleMania. That’s my looking at it. It doesn’t get any bigger.”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions


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