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Is Jon Jones looking for a big WWE payday with Brock Lesnar feud?

Brock Lesnar turned some heads his direction in announcing he was re-entering the USADA testing pool and might be looking at a return to the Octagon. If this is true, reports are it hasn't happened yet but it's still not out of the realm of possibility.

After Jon Jones' defeated Daniel Cromier at UFC 124 he threw out a pretty big challenge for Brock Lesnar. He said something akin to "if you want to get beat by someone forty pounds lighter than you are, give me a call." It certainly sounded like a serious proposition. Brock Lesnar said something close to "be careful what you wish for" so it seems like these two guys want to fight each other.

Jim Ross recently speculated on his blog that a fight like Lesnar vs Jones would do a killing in PPV buys. He speculated it would do one million buys, but it might not happen until 2018.

"Also, I don't see any scenario at this time that would drive any wedges between Lesnar and WWE regarding the WWE star being able to go collect a massive, seven figure plus payday while keeping his name in the public eye" Jim Ross theorized.

But the most interesting thing about what the WWE Hall Of Famer announcer said was he's heard Jon Jones might be looking for a payday from WWE in the future as well.

"Ironically, word on the street is that Jones is also interested in a WWE payday some day in the future which adds some irony to the Bones-Brock UFC scenario."

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"Athletes are arguably smarter today than ever before and they realize that these massive paydays are not going to last forever plus the fact that no one ever has "enough money" contrary to public sentiment from those who actually don't have enough money."

"Bones hand speed and reach will be problematic for Lesnar when they do tangle as Brock's striking defense will have to be spot on if the bigger grappler has any chance of winning on his way to a fully stocked pay window."

Where ever this fight happens, Lesnar vs Jones would be a big money deal. It might not draw the money McGregor vs Mayweather will do but we've been pleasantly surprised in the past. However, it also might be possible the WWE Universe could get an introduction to Jon "Bones" Jones in the not too distant future as well.

We'll just have to wait and see because as of right now, Brock Lesnar still has a few more dates he's got to work for WWE.

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