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Jinder Mahal says he has creative control but Vince McMahon gives advice

Jinder Mahal is the Modern Day Maharaja and is set to defend his WWE Championship against Randy Orton in a Punjabi Prison Match at Battleground. Who’s excited to see that one, because we sure are!

Mahal says he is a hero to the Indian people probably because it’s true. He might not have all 1.3 billion of them on his side because they don’t all have access to WWE programming. But Mahal is becoming a pretty big deal nonetheless.

Jinder recently spoke with the India Times and discussed his own influence on his character. Most surprising of all, the former member of 3MB said he has creative control over his on-screen persona. But of course Vince McMahon has the final say.

“I do have creative control but also Vince (McMahon) gives advice and ideas and I take them. Vince has experience and he has made the biggest sports entertainment in the history. He has made WWE into a global phenomenon. I have a good relationship with Vince, he trusts me on the microphone, with my matches, which will only increase with time. I personally want to seek Vince’s advice.”

Jinder also discussed one of the primary things he does to keep himself motivated and that is to maintain a list of goals. He’s spoken about this list before, and it is amazing how the Modern Day Maharaja is able to keep checking things off of the list as his career flourishes thanks to hard work and dedication.

“The change in attitude means a total change in my way of thinking, the way that I train, the way that I look. And thinking positively, what I do is I write down my goals. Every day I write down that I want to be 10-time World Champion, I write down that I want to have the best body in WWE, so that motivates me every day to train hard and constantly reevaluate myself. You associate yourself with positive people and try to have positive energy. I think that I can be the best WWE superstar then only can be the best WWE superstar.”

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