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Jonathan Coachman unloads on haters of Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is earmarked to be the next big breakout star of WWE and will be the face of the company if Vince McMahon has anything to say about it. But regardless of how hard he works, there is still a vocal portion of the WWE Universe who continues to put Reigns down.

Jonathan Coachman has only been back to WWE for a few weeks but he’s already witnessed a lot during his short time back so far. Mostly, he’s seen a lot of people hate on Roman Reigns even though he’s one of the hardest working guys in the locker room.

The Coach recently took to Twitter and unloaded on Roman’s haters in a big way. He equated them to people with no reasoning behind their standpoint and said they read social media gossip like it’s legitimate news.

Let’s hope for Roman and WWE’s sake that the fans end up turning around and start cheering Reigns instead. If he keeps delivering promos like he did on Raw this week that would be a great start in the right direction, to say the least.

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