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REPORT: The Undertaker out of WrestleMania, Major name returning to face John Cena (updated)

Update: New information on this story has broken and it’s rather interesting, to say the least.

Original: You never know what could happen on the Road To WrestleMania and it looks like the WWE Universe could be in for a huge surprise in the coming weeks. Seeing how it’s WrestleMania season, there are bound to be a couple surprises but one is reportedly going to be pretty epic if it goes down.

Rey Mysterio and WWE are even closer since his surprise return at the Royal Rumble but reports are he won’t be ready to ink a new WWE deal until 2019 because of all the commitments he’s got going on around the world. But Mysterio’s recent sighting at a San Diego SmackDown Live house show could have been more than just a chance for him to hang out with some old friends.

Justin Barrasso of SI is reporting John Cena is in line for a major WrestleMania match after all. It was reported Rey Mysterio was backstage at SmackDown Live in Los Angeles this week hammering out the details of a return for a match against Cena at WrestleMania 34.

It was also reported that The Undertaker has indeed been ruled out of performing at Mania this year. So if that were true Cena’s remarks about a match with The Dead Man not happening could be legit.

John Cena reportedly requested to work with either Samoa Joe or Rey Mysterio and since Joe is injured, it looks like WWE might have called Mysterio to join the Road To WrestleMania. Only time will tell what Rey Mysterio and WWE do, or if anything becomes of this at all. But it certainly adds some major fuel to the rumor mill as we continue toward New Orleans because Mania will happen regardless of whether John Cena has a match on the card or not.


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