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Kane's campaign for mayor is about to get some Woken Wisdom as Matt Hardy joins the cause

The Misses/WWE

The Misses/WWE

It looks like Kane's campaign for mayor is going to get wonderful soon enough as Matt Hardy is lending his own brand of manic behavior to the race.

Kane announced on his Facebook page that Woken Matt Hardy will be appearing on January 25th to help the Glenn Jacobs For Mayor campaign and you can be a part of the action for only $25. It is sure to be a wonderful time as Matt Hardy's smile lights up both an arena and the most curious thoughts wandering through an insane mind. Needless to say, The Big Red Machine has some great help coming for him.

The election isn't until May 1st but it looks like Kane isn't slowing down on the campaign trail or in the ring because he's also scheduled to be in the Universal Title match at the Royal Rumble in what could be one of the most intense fights of his life.

***Special Announcement***

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Tickets will be available tomorrow morning for our event coming up on Thursday, January 25th from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm. The link to purchase tickets will be posted on both our facebook page and our website.

We understand that this is during the work/school week and that you may be tired when you arrive…but we promise, by the time you leave….you will be WOKEN!!!!

Tickets will be $25 in advance OR $35 at the door. Tickets will be limited so be sure to purchase ahead of time or your chance to meet Matt Hardy will be DELETED!

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