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Kurt Angle still so proud of his baby boy Jason Jordan



American Alpha is no more but these two didn't end things in a bad way. Unlike other tag teams that have to split in some kind of violent fashion, Jordan just moved in with his dad in another state so he had to transfer. There's word Chad Gable could be getting a push over on SmackDown Live but Jordan certainly got a nice spotlight on Raw.

WWE hyped JJ's practical squash match against Curt Hawkins during the entire show and Kurt Angle said he had butterflies in his stomach because of it. Jason Jordan said he had butterflies too, which was cute. Renee Young was quick to point out they both said the same thing like nobody's ever used that expression before.

Going back to the previous point, Chad Gable and Jason Jordan are still good buddies. They were recently at the Dan Gable Museum. Gable is Chad's namesake so this had to be a special thing for him, it was also special for Jordan because they found a painting of his daddy for a photo-op.

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Angle was super proud too as he decided to make sure he showed all of his Twitter followers like a new daddy putting baby photos on the fridge at work.

Of course, Kurt Angle was also super happy his newly-found son Jason Jordan was victorious in his battle with Curt Hawkins on Raw. Hawkins acted kind of upset about how much attention Jason Jordan was getting before their match but he should face the facts, it's the most hype Curt's received since his return vignettes so we don't know what he was complaining about.

Kurt Angle was quick to retweet a post from WWE proclaiming Jason as the winner of his match. He's such a proud papa.

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