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Kurt Angle toasts Breezango with wine glasses full of milk

breezango angle

When you're hanging out with someone like the Olympic Hero Kurt Angle you have to know what his beverage of choice is. If you know anything about Angle's illustrious history then you should realize his beverage of choice is milk. After all, he didn't spray a ring down with Dr. Pepper in 2001. In fact, the day of SummerSlam will mark the sixteen year anniversary of Kurt Angle's famous milk spraying spot when he soaked down The Alliance. That's pretty cool and even more proof we're getting old.

Naturally, when Breezango had the chance to toast with Kurt Angle they knew they didn't need to pop a bottle of expensive bubbly, they just had to open a couple milk cartons.

Kurt Angle and Fandango had a nice creamy glass of milk to celebrate this merging between the red and blue brands on the red carpet. They used wine glasses because they're just that classy. After all, it isn't very often The Olympic Hero and The Fashion Police get a chance to mingle.

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After toasting like gentlemen Dango and Angle both took a sip of milk. Kurt's face was obviously trepidatious before taking a taste from his glass, but it quickly changed as the magic milky goodness filled his senses. Kurt commented the milk was good and Dango said it was rich.

SummerSlam is an amazing time of the year for so many reasons. This is one of them.

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