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Latest updates in the on-going Hardy Boyz/Anthem Sports negotiations

Executive Vice President of Anthem Sports & Entertainment Ed Nordholm did an interview with Sports Illustrated where he said he's done with talking to Matt and Jeff Hardy. Ed said Anthem and the Hardy Boyz couldn't come to any kind of deal. While Dave Meltzer said on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that this is probably a negotiation tactic it does mean GFW is playing hardball.

Meltzer summarized the Anthem exec's statement by saying "'it's our property, if they want to get it they can sue us'. The whole thing is they believe in a court that they will come out on top because of the contract" Dave continued. "And whatever terms [Anthem] wanted, I guess they didn't get it. The Hardys thought there was an agreement in place and then [Anthem] stalled on the agreement."

"The reason [The Hardys] started teasing the gimmick hard a couple of weeks ago on Raw was because they thought that the deal was done and they were just waiting for the signature and then the signature never came. Jeff Jarrett did the interview saying they weren't even close to a deal and The Hardys found out through that interview that in fact even if they thought they had a deal they weren't even close to a deal."

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Matt and Jeff were using Billy Corgan as an intermediary in discussions with Anthem, but things unraveled from there.

But in the end, Anthem Sports has a very valuable asset on their side and that is time. The longer they drag this situation out could mean the less value the Broken Universe has. WWE won't touch the Broken gimmick until the Hardys own it and Anthem knows that.

It might be possible to come to some kind of agreement, but Anthem doesn't seem to be getting any softer in their negotiation techniques.

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