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Mean Street Posse's Pete Gas on being in The Undertaker's Domino Crew, beatings from Bob Holly, more



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This week on Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Pete Gas talked to Sam about playing with Undertaker's dominos crew, beatings from Bob Holly, the New Day, and more...


Pete Gas on playing Dominos with Undertaker, resulting in Kane pounding him

"PG: It was sink or swim, we knew some things like you shake everyone's hand when you get there and when you leave, that respect, you show it or you won't last too long. As far as Taker goes, he was always there and helpful. I played Dominos against Taker and Kane. I started off just watching and then they needed someone to fill in and I covered and was with Godfather and I still have the same set now.

SR: I don't think anybody would have thought you would be in Undertaker's Dominos crew.

PG: We would be playing and one of the stories in the book I talk about one game. Every time Kane threw a domino in this specific game I would score points off him and Taker was getting on at him, and we are getting close and he looks at me and said if you score on me again I will chase you and beat your ass. He puts it down and Taker knows so finally I slammed it and said 'Domino Mother F-er' and he chased me and he wouldn't stop and he caught me and pounded me. That's the part you miss the most. "


Pete Gas on Bob Holly hitting him as hard as he could

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"PG: I did a signing over the summer time and it was myself, Kevin Thorne and Bob Holly and we did the signing and we go to leave, I put the books I didn't sell in the car and go in to say goodbye. Bob grabs my wrist and he goes 'You are one tough son of a bitch, he said ' I don't know if you know this, but we used to say would try and break you guys and who would make you moan, we hit you with everything we had and we get backstage and you're laughing, I couldn't break you and I got my balls busted by JBL.' There was a whole crew of guys who used to try break us and he said to me that day I earned his respect.

SR: What's the difference to taking punishment and earning respect or taking punishment and becoming a punching bag.

PG: The difference is I liked it. I said to Bob, it didn't hurt, but I grew up with two older brothers and they used to beat the hell out of me and I learned that from a young age if you moan it will only happen more."


Pete Gas on New Day being Mean Street Posse Fans

"SR: Obviously generations change and as you go backstage to a show there will be less and less faces that you know because stuff changes, but, I feel like this generation of WWE right now all grew up fans in the Attitude Era so have you been approached?

PG: Like New Day, we were in Dallas when we went to see Shane wrestle Taker and Xavier Woods popped when he saw me. He was hanging out with Jericho so I went to say hi to him and Woods was a massive fan and I'm the same of New Day and to have them feel the same way was awesome."

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