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More on Karen Jarrett-Braun Strowman, Jason Jordan ribbed backstage at Raw



In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer provided more details on the Karen Jarrett-Braun Strowman incident that took place after Raw on 7/17 in Nashville. Specifically, he was able to find out what Strowman said to Jarrett that got her upset. As noted a few days ago, Strowman allegedly said "fuck your son" when Jarrett approached him for an autograph for her son, who is a big fan and just so happens to also be the son of Kurt Angle. Meltzer was able to confirm through his sources that Strowman did indeed say those words to her. Both Strowman and Jarrett were drinking so that probably played a part in how he reacted.

There were several wrestlers and wrestling fans there that saw what happened since everyone was there for Jeff Hardy's CD release party. Jarrett acknowledged the story on the GFW conference call but tried to downplay everything by saying that they were just having fun. To her credit, she could have buried Strowman when she was asked about this because Strowman was out of line with what he said to her but she decided to take the high road.

At Raw, there were some people ribbing Jason Jordan. The joke backstage was that Jarrett was asking for an autograph for him since he is now Kurt's "son."

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