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Bully Ray explains why John Cena put over Shinsuke Nakamura clean on Smackdown Live

Thanks to our friends at Busted Open Radio for sending the clip below.

Bully Ray had some interesting things to say about the Cena/Nakamura match from Smackdown Live last night when he co-hosted Busted Open with Dave Lagreca on Wednesday.

In the player below, Bully Ray explains why John Cena did what he did for Shinsuke Nakamura last night and why he put him over in the middle of the ring after the match after the scary exploder suplex spot. He also shares a story about a similar situation he had while working with Brock Lesnar when Lesnar was first coming up in the WWE. He also reveals he never was able to take the “Styles Clash” from AJ Styles:

There is also some great a lot more insight from Bully Ray that is not included in the clip so I highly recommend for everyone to listen to the entire show on Sirius XM.

Busted Open with hosts Dave Lagreca, Bully Ray & Larry Dallas can be heard weekdays from 2p-4p Eastern Time only on SiriusXM Rush Channel 93 and is available any time on demand on the SiriusXM App.

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