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More people in WWE have tested positive for COVID-19



The coronavirus outbreak situation in WWE is worse than originally reported.

Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that more people in the company who were at the Performance Center have tested positive for COVID-19. Ryan Satin reports that at least 30 people in total at the PC have tested positive over the past three weeks. PWInsider previously reported that the number was in the "two dozen range." A WWE source told that some of the numbers being floated online are exaggerated but the belief that the number is still high.

Satin noted that there were reportedly over 1,500 COVID-19 tests administered in the last couple of weeks since testing began. As previously noted, Renee Young, Kayla Braxton, Adam Pearce and Jamie Noble have tested positive. Those are the names that have gone public but there are many others that have tested positive in addition to the names who have publicly shared their diagnosis.

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WWE implemented a mask policy last week with fines levied on anyone who does not comply with the mandate. In addition, WWE has cut back on the number of people inside of the Performance Center and "friends and family" are no longer allowed to attend tapings. exclusively reported last week that at least two wrestlers on the main roster were planning on sitting out future tapings if masks were not mandated. The mandate was issued once a wrestler spoke up about concerns to Vince McMahon. was told that WWE will continue testing at all future tapings.