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Natalya gives Shinsuke Nakamura a piece of history as they prepare for WWE Mixed Match Challenge

There were a lot of great reactions when people found out who their partners for WWE Mixed Match Challenge were but Natalya’s is my favorite. She was super excited because she didn’t want to team with Sami Zayn. You’d think two heels might get along in a place like this. But it looks like the WWE Mixed Match Challenge isn’t going to just mix up genders, but also heels with babyfaces as well.

Natalya has a plan for winning the MMC and it involves relying on the past. She presented Shinsuke Nakamura with the “jacket her father wore when he won the Tag Team Titles” and after sniffing it, The King Of Strong Style put it on.

The jacket is a great fit for Nakamura and he wears pink well. It looks like it could have been something they had made for the Susan G Komen month of programming but it came later so they found a use for it now, but it’s still pretty cool.

The new little taunt Natalya and Nakamura came up with is also pretty inventive as they added a kitty’s meow at the end of Shinsuke’s usual X gesture. The WWE Mixed Match Challenge is going to be a fun show, even if it’s not going to be a long one. It starts on January 16th so you probably need to figure out how to access Facebook Watch if WWE doesn’t devote enough airtime in showing us all how to get it done.

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