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Nikki Bella apparently not happy with WWE giving so much attention to Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella had a great night at the Royal Rumble on Sunday night but apparently, she shares the sentiment of some of the fans on social media that feel that Rousey overshadowed the women's Rumble match.

On Twitter, Nikki retweeted WWE's tweet ahead of a video package for Raw that featured Rousey's appearance at the end of the Rumble pay-per-view. In one Tweet from the official @WWE account, they teased that fans would get to "relive the moment you've ALL been talking about." The graphic was of Rousey and the video highlights were focused on Rousey's appearance and the subsequent media coverage. Nikki reacted, "The FIRST EVER WOMENS ROYAL RUMBLE????"

She also retweeted another @WWE account tweet that included a video of Rousey giving her candid thoughts on her appearance. Nikki reacted, "Wonder what all the 30 other women candid thoughts were too? N #firsteverwomensroyalrumble"

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Nikki may have a point but I can understand what WWE is doing here. Rousey is their biggest mainstream star and the idea is to user her star power to help boost the women's division. They will be getting a bigger push going forward and there's a documentary being produced right now on the female Superstars so all of that is a positive. I do think that WWE should have taken some time to get some post-match interviews with the competitors after the women's Rumble match. They have clips of Rousey up on their YouTube but there are no post-match clips of the competitors. With that said, the women kicked off Raw this week and the Sasha Banks vs. Asuka match on Raw was given plenty of time and they got to do more than usual. The attention that Rousey is getting should, in theory, help bring in more viewers and help elevate the women's division. Time will tell if things work out as planned.

Check out Nikki's tweets below

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