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Paige reacts to fake account spreading rumors about her WWE status



There are usually a lot of rumors surrounding Paige but it seems the Anti-Diva was able to squash one pretty easily when a fake profile popped up on Facebook claiming to be her.

This fake profile posted a rather long explanation of Paige's five-year plan but as it turns out this was all a complete work of fiction.

Be forewarned that this post claiming to be from Paige has a lot of misspellings and I'm transcribing it as posted so you guys can get the entire context of the statement: "My neck is almost healed up I have good news and some bad news first thing I will be back by the time wrestle mania starts And will compete at times due second thing is bad news 4 years left with wwe and might go to TNA impact wrestling I'm not sure yet but don't know if that's gunna happen I due know that after my 4 years is up I'll be able to stay in more contact with all my beloved friends and fans but it's because of the neck situation But I know spoiler alert for all my rampages I'll be able to hold th elongest itle run that's what in my contact giving you guys a Heads up 4,89 days as the raw women's champion I'll protext it for a long time that's what's the spoiler alert after that is over I'm no so but maybe a impact wrestling job."

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When one fan alerted Paige to this post on Facebook she was quick to let fans know that this was indeed a fake account spreading outright lies.

I didn't think this was legit for a second because Paige knows how to spell and realizes you need more than three numbers to warrant a comma in the middle of them. But it just goes to show that for whatever reason there will always be people who just want to spread misinformation which really isn't cool.

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