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Paige really kept those hands covered during Elimination Chamber

WWE and Instagram/EarlFunk

WWE and Instagram/EarlFunk

Paige is a rebel and that's an understatement. After coming back from injury she's the leader of a faction and has a new boyfriend. Now she has a new tattoo as well and it's not very PG-friendly, to say the least.

During the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, it looks like WWE did all they could to keep Paige's new ink off of their product. She not only kept her hands covered by the table during the kickoff show, but it looks like her new hand ink was covered up with makeup as well.

There are companies that market makeup especially for covering up tattoos so it looks like Paige might need to invest in a hefty supply. Becuase if this is the plan of keeping her profanity-ridden tattoo off of WWE television, then Paige will need to get used to covering up those tattoos.

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