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Paul Heyman is seen as controversial by some people in WWE management and creative



You can't argue with success and, for the most part, Brock Lesnar has been booked like he should. He's a monster that destroys everyone in his path and he will lose whenever it makes sense. The great thing about the way Lesnar is booked is that he is not a 50/50 guy that will win a match one week and then will lose on the following week. When he loses a match it's a huge deal (see: Bill Goldberg) and it does a lot to bring his opponents up to his level and make fans believe that they are a real threat.

But, apparently, there are people in management and creative that would book him differently if they had the chance. In the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter, there's a note on how management and creative see Paul Heyman. He is seen as controversial because he gets Lesnar segments changed so often.

Heyman has a lot of pull with Vince McMahon. It's hard to argue that some of the creative things done with Lesnar have not worked. In fact, the storyline with Samoa Joe helped to propel Joe into legitimate main event status.

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Dave Meltzer reported that there is a belief that if Heyman was not around then Lesnar would be more apt to do things as they were originally written for him. I would agree with the people that say that having Heyman around is much better for Lesnar (and WWE).

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