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Potential spoiler on legal loophole that may prevent Otis from cashing in WWE Money In The Bank contract



WWE may have made a mistake when they printed out Otis' Money In The Bank contract or there's a storyline that will play out to explain why Otis cannot cash in against one of the champions on SmackDown.

This week on Friday Night SmackDown, The Miz and John Morrison were unsuccessful again in their quest to steal Otis' contract.

Miz explained to Morrison that he knows that the contract is non-transferrable but he knows that contracts sometimes have loopholes and the only thing he needs to do is get it so he can bring it to his lawyer.

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The contract below states that it's from 2015 and he can only cash in between 06/14/15 and 06/15/16. So, unless this was just a mistake on WWE's part, that would make the contract void and Otis will not be able to cash in.

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