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Randy Orton and The Shield take shots at CM Punk; Big Show news

Randy Orton took a shot at CM Punk when he cut his in ring promo at the WWE house show in Orlando. During the promo he said, "If at first you don't succeed, quit."

The Shield also took a shot at Punk during their promo when members of the group reportedly said that the fans should be happy that Punk went home.

There are many people backstage in WWE that are happy Punk went home since he was not well liked by some. The feeling is that while Punk may have been out of the main event picture in recent months that he was among the top paid full-time guys in the company and walking out without giving notice was unprofessional and he could have handled things in a better way. Triple H is someone that is not a huge fan of Punk and I was told that if things were left up to him he would not be calling Punk to return. Vince McMahon is handling everything right now as far as CM Punk goes so if Punk changes his mind then it's up to Vince to make the decision to bring Punk back. There's no guarantee that Punk does come back though since he's so beat up.

One quick note on Big Show. He returned to action at the WWE house show in Orlando so this could mean that he'll be back at TV soon. He was out of action this past week selling the "beating" he took from Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble.

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