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Raw ratings could reflect bad news for Ultimate Deletion match



The Final Deletion match is in the books which could mean a repackaging for Bray Wyatt and even more from the Woken Universe. But there could be some issues if fans expect to see more of the same from Woken Matt Hardy.

When the rating for Raw came in this week, it showed they pulled 3,327,000 viewers which is down from last week’s 3,352,000. The worst part for Hardy and Wyatt's epic encounter is Raw lost around 400,000 viewers in the 3rd hour which housed the Ultimate Deletion match.

WWE already pulled the Ultimate Deletion match from Hulu and Michael Cole even apologized for the match before they aired the segment. If you add in the fact that the live audience in Dallas didn't even see the match and you might have several clues to show you how WWE felt about the match.

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It was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Impact Wrestling seemed to be 1000% behind the Broken Universe whereas WWE might not be as supportive which could present a problem as well.

It would have been nice to see a bigger rating for the Ultimate Deletion because there were a ton of talented people involved and it was really quite enjoyable. But you can't really argue when cut and dry numbers are involved.

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