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Rumor killer on Daniel Bryan-WrestleMania rumors

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Rumor killer on Daniel Bryan-WrestleMania rumors

Over the last few hours, there have been rumors popping up online about Daniel Bryan’s status for WrestleMania weekend.

Bryan’s WrestleMania AXXESS listing on Ticketmaster disappeared and that led some people to think that he was removed. That also caused people to speculate that he would be wrestling at WrestleMania since typically, wrestlers are not booked for autograph signings on the day of WrestleMania.

Actually, what happened was that Bryan’s VIP signing sold out and so there were no more tickets available to be sold and that is why the Ticketmaster listing disappeared.

As of this writing, Bryan has not been cleared by WWE’s doctor and there is nothing to indicate that he will ever be cleared to wrestle again for WWE. If you are holding out hope on seeing him wrestle then you would have to wait until after September when his WWE contract expires.

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