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Ryback shoots on John Cena, says Cena will never stand up for pro wrestlers



Ryback is no stranger to speaking his mind. He recently got pretty real on his podcast Conversations With The Big Guy and brought John Cena into the conversation. He got there by speaking about how WWE only signs their workers as "independent contractors" when he said Vince McMahon should change this tradition and make that his legacy.

“I really hope he realizes before his time on this Earth is done that, ‘do you know what? I’ve made all this money off of these guys lives and I’ve given them the opportunity, but without them I wouldn’t have everything that I have and I need to make this better before I leave.’ And I really, really think he could cement his legacy more by doing things like that and just doing what’s best for everybody.”

Ryback then turned his verbal assault to John Cena as he proclaimed it's all about the money to Super Cena and he'll never stand up for what it right.

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“I feel, and I wish I was even higher than I was when I did what I did because I always wished somebody in Cena’s position would stand up and actually have the balls to do things right. And if you love [pro] wrestling, you say, ‘stand up for the [pro] wrestlers.’ But he hasn’t and he never will because it’s all about the money.”

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