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Several WWE Superstars upset with Dave Meltzer over comments made about Peyton Royce



Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is getting heat on Twitter from fans and several current and former WWE Superstars after Peyton Royce's reaction to hearing Meltzer's comments on her on a recent audio show.

Meltzer talked about being a fan of the IIconics when they were in NXT and noted that he felt she was more attractive in NXT before her "transformation," a reference to plastic surgery that she was rumored to get in January. He also noted that she was "lighter" in NXT. It appeared to be a reference to her not having breast implants in NXT but many people on Twitter assumed he was talking about her weight.

Royce wrote, "So what would you have me do Dave... starve myself? ??? This is how nightmares for young women start. The females in your life must be proud."

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You can see the responses from several current and former WWE Superstars in the tweets below and scroll down for Meltzer's apology.

Meltzer's apology:

Over the years, Meltzer has been outspoken about the way women have been treated in the wrestling business including WWE's focus on hiring women (in the mid 2000's) primarily from calendar shoots, the portrayal of women in the Attitude Era and beyond (HLA angle as an example), the Greatest Royal Rumble show excluding women from Saudi Arabia and much more.