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Shelton Benjamin comments on finding loaded gun in his rental car

It was a pretty scary situation for Shelton Benjamin when he discovered a loaded handgun in his rental car. He was also understandably upset about the unnecessary risk to his life, welfare, and career when it comes to finding a weapon like this.

TMZ’s cameras recently caught up with The Gold Standard and he seemed rather relieved to have this situation behind him. Shelton said he called the police which was the right thing to do, after all, they know exactly what to do in a situation like this.

“Yeah, I found a little handgun in the glove compartment,” Shelton Benjamin said. “I called the cops […] everything ran through my head but I just wanted it out of my possession so I called the cops have them come take care of it.”

Apparently, the police were rather cool about the situation but Benjamin still couldn’t help but think about everything that could have gone wrong.

“The cops were just cool they see this kind of stuff all the time. Me being a black guy in a car with a gun in it there’s no way that scenario ends well for me.”

Thankfully, this situation is behind Shelton Benjamin at this point and he’s able to make towns all over with Chad Gable as his tag team partner. He’s also probably going to start doing a more thorough search of his rental cars from now on.

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