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Steve Austin's beloved Hershey The Wonder Dog has passed away



There is a reason why dogs are considered man's best friend. They have a way of being there for us in a way nobody else can. Timmy had Lassie, Turner had Hooch, and Stone Cold Steve Austin had Hershey The Wonder Dog.

But this is a very sad time for Steve because his beloved best friend has passed away. Austin loved his dog and spent many years coming home to his big dog's happy face. Austin recently announced on his podcast Steve Austin Unleashed that his friend for more than a decade died recently and this is certainly sad news.

We would like to wish Stone Cold the best and hope he can find solace in the fact that while he might have lost his close companion, he still has millions of fans who care about him deeply. Austin recently tweeted out a #TBT picture of him and Hershey The Wonder Dog as they traveled around his Broken Skull Ranch together. They looked so happy, especially Hershey.

They say all dogs go to heaven, and if you agree with that old saying then give Austin a "hell yeah."

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Here's an awesome video of Hershey being Hershey back in 2012. Steve really loved that dog just as much as The Wonder Dog loved him. They were great buddies for the longest time. Again, our deepest condolences go out to Steve Austin for this loss. But at least Hershey The Wonder Dog lived in the 21st century so there are plenty of ways to remember Stone Cold's best friend.

So kids, be like Stone Cold and never forget to take plenty of pictures and videos of your pets because you never know when those moments in time might mean the most.

RIP Hersey The Wonder Dog, you were a best friend to one of our heroes and we thank you for that.

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