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SummerSlam plans for Big Cass, is he working out as a top heel?



Big Cass and Enzo Amore are no longer the Realest Guys In The Room. In fact, they aren't even friends anymore. When Big Cass kicked Enzo's head off after cutting a scathing promo on him it was a moment that disappointed a lot of fans who saw more life in the team and upset people all around the world.

Dave Meltzer spoke candidly about Big Cass' run as a singles star so far on Wrestling Observer Radio. Although Cass seems to be getting big heat, the jury's still out on the former NYU center. WWE keeps pairing him with Enzo for the time being, but what will happen when the marathon with Enzo has concluded?

"As long as he's in there with Enzo, it's guaranteed heat because that's right there -- you know it's what everyone's mad about. So if you're gonna give him a three-minute squash win -- plus it's the story line and it's got Big Show involved."

Big Cass is getting a push and might be destroying Enzo for a while as he prepares for his next big feud. Meltzer speculated Cass will pick up a victory over Big Show at SummerSlam, and Cassady seems to be getting over on the microphone. But there just seems to be something not there which is required for a top star.

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"I feel like when I watch him... he's tall" Meltzer concluded. "But he's missing something to be a top star."

Only time will tell if audiences accept Big Cass as a top heel after he's punched all of his tickets with Enzo. But for the time being it's yet another "wait and see" kind of situation.

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