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During his interview with BT Sports' Ariel Helwani, Triple H was asked about the creative changes at NXT when he was away due to health issues.

Hunter said, "I didn't necessarily agree with the creative direction sometimes and that had nothing to do with Shawn or anything else. When I stepped away for health reasons, there was already pressure to change the direction and change what it was. I knew what the changes were. I don't know that I necessarily agreed with all of them, but I do think that there are a lot of changes that happened that were extremely positive for the brand and I would have liked to have done anyways, that I think a lot of people would have gone, 'No way he would have done that.'”

"The brand turned into something else, different from what the original intention was. Part of that was the success of it. Part of that was pandemic. The brand changed in the pandemic. People forget that for two years, maybe over that, we couldn't recruit. I couldn't train athletes. I had no place to train them. All of our training became a television studio to shoot RAW and SmackDown in. I had all these athletes under contract. Anybody that already didn't fully understand what they were doing and how to execute it, wasn't learning because there was no place for them to train. We medically weren't even allowed to put them in the building to let them train, and if we wanted to, we had no place for them to train because the training facility was a television studio. That massively changed what it was. It massively changed where it was headed and what it would become." 

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