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Tyson Kidd on whether there is heat between him and Samoa Joe over spot that ended his in-ring career

Tyson Kidd really is a class act. After all, most people would hold at least some kind of resentment over a spot that ended their career even if it was accidental.

Since the spot that broke Kidd’s neck during a dark match before Raw which caused Samoa Joe’s Muscle Buster to be added to WWE’s list of banned moves, Tyson Kidd has been rehabbing his injury. He seems to be in great shape and by all accounts, it’s a miracle he’s doing so well. After all, Natalya has commented before that some doctors who saw his x-ray automatically assumed Tyson Kidd was paralyzed. He’s still working with WWE in a backstage capacity and seems to be enjoying his new career path.

But Kidd isn’t bitter at all against Samoa Joe as he probably understands things like this can happen in the ring. He commented in extremely mature fashion during the season finale of Total Divas that wrestling doesn’t last forever and he seems to have come to terms with the change in his career.

Tyson said once he returned from injury he sought out Joe and the two had a conversation about the ordeal. I can only imagine Samoa Joe felt awful about it as well so it was probably much-needed all around.

Kudos to Tyson Kidd for yet again surprising everyone by maintaining a demeanor of ultimate professionalism.

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