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Rumor Killer On Paige Arrest Warrant Story



Some people have been jumping the gun lately as rumors about Paige have once again began to swirl around the wonderful world of the information super-way. Some people were going around saying Paige had been arrested or at least served with an arrest warrant.

Paige was involved in an altercation with Alberto in an Orlando airport recently and although Alberto was the one who was initially the subject of the investigation, Paige quickly caught the eye of detectives and she could be facing possible battery charges from the incident.

Tufayel Ahmed of Newsweek cleared up the developing story and clarified Paige had not been served with an arrest warrant but detectives in the case have found probable cause to press charges.

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At this point it is up to the state attorney's office on whether they want to proceed with the investigation and take it to the next level. We would like to extend our thanks to Mr Ahmed for this clarification.

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