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Update on Shelton Benjamin's possible WWE status



Shelton Benjamin brought the Gold Standard to WWE for nearly ten years starting in 2000 but he's been off doing his own thing since then. It appears as though Shelty hasn't lost his step either because he's been keeping plenty busy.

There were obvious plans to bring Shelton Benjamin back to WWE in order to boost SmackDown's roster after they changed to a weekly live show. WWE even went as far as to show promos hyping Shelton's return to WWE.

However, Benjamin never signed an actual contract because while doing his physical for WWE they discovered a torn rotator cuff he had actually been working on for a while at that point. This injury required surgery and on March 30th Shelton was finally cleared for a return to the ring. But he was still a free agent and had no WWE contract.

Dave Meltzer reported in the recent issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that no deal has been signed to bring Shelton back at this point. His exact words on the matter were: "even though it has been reported differently and even reported with me as the source, those in WWE say that Shelton Benjamin has not signed a deal with the company as of earlier in the week."

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But if you don't want to believe that then you're not alone. Because Ryan Satin from Pro Wrestling Sheet is outright refuting that report by saying his sources indicate a deal to bring Shelton Benjamin is already settled. We'll have to wait and see what happens but one thing's for sure WWE could always use someone like Shelty.

Of course, both Dave and Ryan could be right if Shelty has signed a contract in the past 24 hours.

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