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Velveteen Dream responds to those who think his WWE character is androgynous

WWE NXT star Velveteen Dream was recently interviewed by the Washington City Paper to talk about several professional wrestling topics. During their conversation, Dream discussed how professional wrestling kept him from bad habits that lingered in the streets of his hometown in Maryland and the Washington, DC area:

“Wrestling gave me something outside science, which was my muse before this,” Dream said.

As for his character in WWE, Dream was asked about those who believe the portrayal is that of someone who is gender non-conforming and androgynous. Here’s what Dream had to say on the matter:

“I can’t make anything of those descriptions of Velveteen Dream. I don’t consider myself either of those. It’s very hard for a performer to take that outside look. I’m a very introspective individual.

“It’s hard for me to label myself or characterize myself,” Dream said. “I do believe that current performers in WWE, more specifically in NXT, we have more freedom to be ourselves. I can say the people you see on TV are real-life individuals, not just people playing a role, myself included.”


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