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Viking Raiders interview on Sarah Logan, a potential singles career, how they became a tag team

Viking Raiders

The Viking Raiders are the guests this week on "Table Talk" with D-Von Dudley. They talked about a wide variety of things, including how long they plan on continuing to wrestle, fatherhood, if they will ever pursue singles careers and more.

Here are some highlights:

Erik talked about him and Sarah Logan having a baby together: “It’s something that she and I had talked about almost since we met. We talked about having kids. We had been planning on having kids in a couple years. With Covid and all the crazy changes and all the negative that happened, she was let go from WWE earlier this year. We said, why are we waiting anymore? It worked out. I think the story of our relationship and my life is turning negatives into positives. What might be a problem that should have killed me, you turn it around and make it work for you. You make it better than you could have imagined. I feel that is what we did with her release. She started a YouTube channel that is really doing well right now. We are having a lot of fun with that.”

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How did you guys end up as a tag team? Ivar responded: “We met in Ring of Honor. We were on different sides of the 2014 Top Prospects Tournament. We never met before even though we were both in the business for well over 10 years each. We met in the finals. That was the first and only time we wrestled each other. Ring of Honor wasn’t quite sure what to do with us. They offered both of us contracts, they wanted to use us, but they weren’t quite sure how to use us so they put us together.”

Do you see yourselves venturing off in singles careers or do you see yourselves staying together? Ivar: “I definitely see us staying together. I don’t see any separation. In recent years in the WWE, teams have been staying together more frequently as opposed to in the past where almost every team was doomed to break up at some point. I don’t see us breaking up anywhere in the near future. We still have a blue belt to win.”

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