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WATCH: Brawl breaks out during WWE 2K18 press event

Apparently, when your face is on the cover a video game you’re allowed to run roughshod over the festivities. Or at least that was the thinking Seth Rollins might have had during a recent press event for WWE 2K18. For whatever reason, things got real and chaos ensued in a big way.

We haven’t seen a press conference get this out of hand in a long time (without Conor McGregor involved). Apparently, Sheamus and Cesaro just couldn’t wait for SummerSlam to get their hands on Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose and vice versa was true as well.

Water and insults were thrown all over the stage while plenty of people rushed up for a classic pull-apart. It might be a work, but it was plenty entertaining. It was also in a place where you wouldn’t normally expect an angle like this to go down and it happened at a WWE 2k18 event so it gained publicity for the upcoming game. It was a win/win/win for WWE.

WWE 2k18 does look like a great game though. The first crop of stars dropped earlier this week and it will be a stacked roster. If they could just add a “Press Conference Match” stipulation to the match options it would be even greater. But that’ll give them something to work on for next year’s edition.

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