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WATCH: Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe during final WWE show in Joe Louis Arena



Brock Lesnar is The Beast incarnate and WWE Universal Champion. But amidst rumors he'll be making a jump back to the Octagon, Brock might not hold Raw's top title for very long. But who knows? He just might go over in his match against Samoa Joe, Bruan Strowman, and Roman Reigns at SummerSlam, but the odds are certainly stacked against him.

All three challengers for Brock Lesnar's title at The Biggest Party Of The Summer is a formidable opponent and could take the Universal Championship home with them. But Brock got another taste of Samoa Joe on Saturday night to a packed house of roaring fans.

The match was over quite quickly, but a Brock Lesnar house doesn't have to be a twenty-minute barn burner at a house show. People just want to see someone get taken to Suplex City and tossed with an F5. But as you can see in the video Samoa Joe didn't go down without a fight. WWE booked the Samoan Submission Machine to look very strong in this contest. It really makes us wonder if they're trying to soften Brock up for a title switch in a few weeks.

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If you weren't able to get to the Joe Louis Arena to see WWE's final house show in the famous building then you're in luck. Because we've got the match right here.

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