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WATCH: Cain Velasquez on possibly teaming up with Daniel Cormier in pro wrestling match

Cain Velasquez Daniel Cormier

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez teamed with Cody and Psycho Clown to defeat Taurus, Texano Jr. and Killer Kross in his pro wrestling debut. The match took place last Saturday at Triplemania XXVII, the biggest Mexican Lucha Libre event of the year, in Mexico City.

Following the match, ESPN released this clip of the UFC star talking about the tweet that current UFC Heavyweight Champion and AKA training partner Daniel Cormier sent out about the match that was full of praise.

Cain talked about how Cormier has told him to call him up after the match because he was interested in the match. This led to the question being asked about potentially teaming up with Cormier in the pro wrestling ring.

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He responded with, “I thought of that already, yes.”

His comments mentioned above are around the 3:09 mark. You can watch the entire interview by clicking on the player below or here if the video doesn't play: