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WATCH: Chris Jericho in heated F-Bomb altercation in New York City

TMZ Sports

TMZ Sports

UPDATE:Click here to read Jericho's apology.

ORIGINAL: An altercation went down on Friday night in New York City between Chris Jericho and another man on the streets of New York City and TMZ Sports was able to obtain the footage.

The heated argument but, as you can hear in the video below, was full of expletives. The video shows a man (apparently with a group of friends) yelling at Jericho. According to witnesses, it started when Jericho was signing autographs after making an appearance at a tribute show for musician David Z, who was recently killed in a bus accident.

Jericho did sign some autographs but started to get frustrated and began to turn people down, which is understandable especially since he is not working and was just there to appear at a tribute show. According to the guy (he is a WWE fan), he was just trying to congratulate Jericho on his return match from last week's Smackdown Live but Jericho allegedly told him, "F**k your ass."

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Things escalated from there. At one point, you can hear Jericho say, "These guys are f**king p***ies." Thankfully, things did not get worse.

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UPDATE: Here is video from the concert