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WATCH: Jeff Hardy gets deep as he talks about his tattoos and the stories behind them



Corey Graves recently had Jeff Hardy as a guest on his Superstar Ink show. Before introducing Jeff, Graves said Hardy has made a big impact on Raw and the irony of that wording was not lost on us.

During his walk down memory lane, Jeff Hardy took us on a tour of his famous tattoos and some of the meaning behind the ink. It turns out Jeff got his tattoos for very good reasons and each one of them is special to him.

Jeff even showed off the tattoo he got from Jesse Smith on Ink Master which is an absolutely sick octopus strangling a bunny. Because doesn't everyone need a tattoo of an octopus strangling a bunny on their leg? Jeff started getting tattooed at 18-years-old when he got a black and white dragon on his leg that remains unfinished to this day.

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The roots on Jeff's body reminds him of the landscaping that he considers a passion of his, but the meaning of his ink goes way beyond hobbies. Some of Jeff's tattoos are way more than just skin deep as they give fans a transparent look into the Charismatic Enigma's very existence.

This is one of the best episodes of Superstar Ink yet and has a classy interview feel to it due to the upscale interview set. We highly suggest you check this one out not only because you get a great look at all of Jeff's fascinating ink, but because you might just learn something you never knew about Brother Nero.

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