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WATCH: Mick Foley takes a perfect “Penisplex” from Joey Ryan

Don’t let Jim Cornette see this clip or he’ll never look at Mick Foley the same way again. But yes, the title of this article isn’t lying because Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy took the most perfect Penisplex from Joey Ryan at a recent indie show.

If you’ve never seen Joey Ryan do his signature crotch-inspired move yet then you’re in for a treat. If you’re a die-hard fan of classic pro wrestling though you might want to look away. We won’t spoil anything for you, let’s just say Ryan never needs to wear kryptonite underwear because apparently, his man parts must be super.

Mick Foley was in charge for one-night-only at a recent OTT show and had a little confrontation with Joey Ryan. OTT stands for Over The Top and it really was just that when Joey Ryan used his junk to block Mr. Socko and flip Mick Foley with his winkie in Dublin, Ireland.

There were others taking a bump in this multi-man Penisplex, but Mick Foley’s was the one that stood out for us. It should be important to anyone because IT MIGHT BE THE FIRST BUMP FOLEY’S TAKEN SINCE HIS HIP SURGERY.

So, if you only recognized Joey Ryan from his cameo on Netflix’s GLOW or RuPaul’s Drag Race, then now you also know him as the guy who Penisplexed Mick Foley. How fun is that?

(Please don’t tell Jim Cornette I said that either.)

‪Joey Ryan uses his penis to block Mr. Socko and flip Mick Foley at OTT in Dublin, Ireland. ‬

Posted by Joey Ryan on Saturday, August 5, 2017

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