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Alberto El Patron and Paige blame the media, Paige gives a WWE status update, Alberto-GFW update

Alberto El Patron and Paige spoke out for the first time together on Busted Open Radio to address the recent reports after last month’s incident at an airport in Orlando. Paige brushed off the incident as something that was blown up by the internet and said that she and Alberto laugh about it now. She said that people will see what really happened when the official report comes out. She admitted that they shouldn’t argue in public and sometimes people say things they don’t mean when they argue. Alberto blamed the internet for making the situation a bigger deal than it was. He claimed that the Sergeant in Orlando told them that the whole situation was nothing.

Bully Ray asked what they meant when they refer to lies being told on the internet. Paige then referenced a story about her being arrested in San Antonio. I should note that most sites credible websites did not run with the story. In fact, we were one of the sites to debunk the fake San Antonio arrest warrant story.

Paige said that she wanted to apologize to her fans, especially the young fans. Alberto said that he would not apologize and that it was not their intention to offend anyone and they will move forward.

Bully Ray asked if they are genuinely happy together. Paige said that sometimes she can be an a-hole and Patron can be as well. Patron said that they want to be together but you never know what will happen in the future but they are together and happy and they’ve been working on this relationship for over a year. He also said that people seem to focus on the bad and ignore the good parts. He talked about being there for her when she got her neck surgery and said that one bad thing seems to erase all of the good things they’ve done together.

Bully Ray raised some of the concerns from Paige’s family. Paige said that she loves her family but some of the stuff written about them in the media is scary to look at and her family is just reacting to what they see online. She mentioned that her uncle passed away yesterday. Paige said that her family reacted because they believed the “BS” coming from the media.

Alberto is still suspended from Global Force Wrestling but says that “I’m going back to work soon. At this point, I do not know exactly when. But I will be back soon.” He also said that a date has been set (he said “we’ve set a date”) for his suspension to “probably be lifted” but he will not be at this weekend’s live events in New York.

Meanwhile, in regards to Paige’s return to the ring, she said that she just had a CT scan and check up and she is waiting to hear back from the doctor. There is no return date set for her yet but she is looking forward to returning to WWE.

You can listen to the interview by clicking on the player below:

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