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WATCH: New look Tenille Dashwood (fka Emma) wrestles her first match on the indies



It kind of came out of left field when Emma was released from WWE but now that her no-compete clause has run its course, she is free to apply her craft on the indie wrestling scene and that's exactly what she's doing.

Emma is going by her real name of Tenille Dashwood now and wrestled her first match on Friday night against Angelina Love at the WrestlePro show in Rahway, NJ.

As you can see, the two had a great chance to display their wrestling ability and the match had an intense finish as well. We won't spoil the ending for you because the match is really worth a watch.

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Hopefully, this will only be a sign of things to come as Tenille Dashwood makes her way through the world's indie wrestling circuit. She has plenty more outstanding female talent to scrap with in the ring as well. So if you see Dashwood advertised for an indie show near you it would certainly be worth your time to make the event.

I'm willing to bet everyone at the WrestlePro show on Friday had a great time as evidenced by the video below. These lucky fans witnessed a fierce match as Tenille Dashwood made her first big mark on the indie wrestling scene.

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