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WATCH: Rusev takes his merchandise very seriously as he delivers it himself

It’s Rusev Day but there aren’t enough festive shirts to go around. This might sound like the premise for a WWE-themed children’s book but it seems to be a reality. So The Bulgarian Brute recently decided to lend a big hand as he showed up at WWE’s print shop to see what the problem was.

Rusev was able to show some real improv acting skills and flex his funny bone a little bit in this video as he assisted the merchandise crew in making a few Happy Rusev Day shirts. He even offered to deliver them himself.

This is exactly the kind of thing Rusev needs to be doing as he continues to gain favor in the WWE Universe. He’s not the anti-American anymore, but instead, he has been able to translate himself into a fun-loving spokesman for his own holiday.

It’s great to see him shown in this light, and as you can see from the video below it looks like everyone had a great time even though Rusev was cracking the whip pretty hard to get those shirts out in an expedited fashion.

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